KAV Productions  — 2016 Marks our 60th Anniversary. Shannon Bellefeuille, wife of founder Ernie Bellefeuille helps tell our story and we hear from long time customers Lois Lefebvre, Jake Lamoureux and Le Village BIA rep Pierre Lefebvre.

High-tech systems at Medical Arts Pharmacy enhance safety
Medical Arts
Cornwall Free News  — Medication errors. They’re serious, can be injurious, life threatening, and happen anywhere: in hospital, in longterm care or the privacy of our own homes. And they’re precisely why Medical Arts Pharmacy continues to invest in technology.  Read more
The Pharmacist's Role in Elder Abuse Prevention
Medical Arts
Cornwall Free News  — Medical Arts Pharmacy unveiled its new IDA/Rexall banner and corporate message: Where aging well means everything. And within the context of celebrating the lives of some of the pharmacy’s longest-lived customers, joined forces with advocates and the RCMP to tackle the issue of elder abuse, saying many services that pharmacists provide also help prevent situations where neglect or abuse might occur.  Read more

KAV Productions  — The story of Maxville Manor dates back close to 50 years and many of the relationships continue today. Nick and Marion Haramis tell the story of the realisation of the dream to build this first rate facility, and how they found Dr. Jaggassar, who still practices there today.